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DC Charger ABB

Electrify the road

Terra DC fast chargers. The most successful EV fast chargers in the market, ranging from 20 to 180 kW and ideal for urban applications, retail and refueling stations.

DC Charger ABB

Technical specification

Terra DC Fast Charger
At a glance  

DC Charger ABB

GREATER utilization
with up to 3
charging of electric
vehicles, with CCS,
CHAdeMO, and AC
plug combinations

SAFETY  emergency
stop push button to
immediately stop
charging operation  

CONNECTED  24/7/365 remote monitoring 
and diagnostic, receiving updates over-
the-air to support every new EV on the road

UPGRADABLE  power modules to support
increasing demand for EVs and increasing
battery ranges 

LCD  touchscreen with high
brightness and graphical
visualization of the
charging process 

ROBUST  all-weather powder
- coated stainless steel enclosure 

and hassle-free reach for drivers with retractable cable management option 

AUTOMATIC authentication capability via CCS connector in the vehicle
thanks to easy OCPP integration and Autocharge functionality

EASY installation thanks to the improved design
allows to connect and start-up the charger in less than 2 hours

Terra 24: 20 kW
Terra 54: 50 kW
Terra 94: 90 kW
Terra 124: 120 kW (and 2 x 60 kW)
Terra 184: 180 kW (and 2 x 90 kW)

CCS 920 V DC
CHAdeMO 500 V DC

Height 1900 mm / 74.8 in
Width 5655 mm / 222.6 in
Depth 880 mm / 34.6 in
Weight 395 kg / 871 lbs
(Terra 184)

Terra DC Fast Chargers
Technical specification UL

DC Charger ABB


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